The Classroom

The Classroom

From watchmaking basics to in-depth brand history, The Classroom brings you a breakdown of a wide range of topics. Designed for both newcomers to the watch world and horological veterans, the series has a wide range of subjects looking at all sides of the industry. So sit back and see if you learn a thing or two with WatchBox's premiere education series!

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The Classroom
  • Why Buy a Luxury Watch?

    Having a timepiece on your wrist is totally subjective. It takes a unique person with specific, or diverse, interests to understand the qualitative reasoning behind purchasing and wearing a luxury watch. If the idea of a buying a watch is still a bit confusing, Jon aka "The Professor" is here to ...

  • A Guide for Buying Vintage Watches

    Michael Michaels figured it would be important to provide the do's and dont's of buying vintage watches with the vintage boom in full effect. There's no question that vintage watches are in style. There are a lot of good vintage timepieces out there, but also a lot of bad. The most important thi...

  • The Power of Necessity: Innovation in Watchmaking

    With worldwide shutdowns and manufacturer closures, the world of watches looks like we're in an uncertain time and the path forward is tough to figure out. However, here at WatchBox we wanted to remind everyone that this isn't the first time the industry has faced global obstacles and from that s...

  • The History of Rolex

    Now, going through the entire history of Rolex would take some time, however, Jon manages to break down some of key dates, releases, and innovations of the brand over the course of it's history in a few short minutes. From when Hans Wilsdorf founded the company and made up the name Rolex until to...

  • The Quartz Crisis & Its Effect on Watchmakers

    And last, but not least by any means, it's time to introduce the third host for The Classroom series. He's been on the channel before and is back again by popular demand. Meet Michael R. Michaels, a multi-brand/multi-level certified watchmaker also known as the Gordon Ramsey of watchmaking. Today...

  • The Effect of the Pre-Owned Market on the Watch Industry

    In this episode, Jon briefly opens up the conversation about the effect of the pre-owned watch market on the industry as a whole. It's definitely an interesting time for the industry, and many companies and brands have found opportunity within the secondary market.