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Latest Shows

See the latest Shows from WatchBox Studios featuring luxury watch education, entertainment, collector interviews and more. Featuring your favorite WatchBox personalities including Tim Mosso, Mike Manjos, George Mayer, CQ and many guest Collectors and watch industry luminaries.

Latest Shows
  • Microbrands, Grand Seiko, Rolex, and the Importance of Watch Clubs

    John has a collection spanning from industry juggernauts like Rolex and Grand Seiko to microbrands such as Lorier and Baltic. In this interview, he joins Tim Mosso to walk us through his watches and sharing the story of his entry into the watch hobby. He discusses his love for timekeeping being b...

  • Can You Play Golf with a Rolex?

    Mike discusses the shock resistance of watches such as his Rolex and whether you can play golf with them.

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  • From Marvin the Martian to Jaeger-LeCoultre | Collector Conversation

    Like many collectors, Sagor started his watch collecting journey with entry level brands like Hamilton or TAG Heuer. And like many collectors, his love for mechanical timekeeping evolved into looking at watches such as the Tudor Pelagos and Rolex GMT-Master II. Today, he joins Tim Mosso to discus...

  • The State of the Watch Market - Patek Philippe and More | Market Wrap

    After a steady summer for watches, Mike Manjos looks to the future and predicts where the market might trend. With Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet remaining strong throughout the year, will other brands like Vacheron Constantin and Grubel Forsey follow suit, or will they feel the effects of a ...

  • Is Panerai on the Rise? | Collector Questions

    Mike Manjos discusses the pre-owned market of Panerai watches and talks about how the brand has even been a trendsetter in the luxury watch industry.

  • History of Patek Philippe Advanced Research Watches | Perpetually Patek

    The Advanced Research watches from Patek Philippe have offered innovations in models such as the Annual and Perpetual Calendars, Aquanaut, and Minute Repeaters from the brand. Using inventions such as Silinvar, Spiromax, Pulsomax, and more, the brand has shown their commitment to the advancement ...

  • Patek Philippe Tourbillon 5101P - The Ultimate Patek Philippe Tourbillon

    The Patek Philippe 5101P 10 Day Tourbillon ranks among the greatest luxury watches of the 21st century. With a platinum case, salmon dial, Breguet Arabic numerals, and a 240-hour tourbillon movement, this vintage inspired haute horlogerie watch is revered among watch collectors. In this feature, ...

  • Best Milestone Watch for the Birth of a Child?

    Mike Manjos explains why Rolex is the perfect option for a milestone as important as the birth of a child.

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  • Dozens of Watches from Rolex, Longines, Audemars Piguet, Swatch and More

    Craig has spent years building up a large collection of watches, drawing from the places he’s lived and locations he’s traveled to in his life. From boutique-edition Swatches, a vintage Rolex Submariner, and quartz watches from Swatch and Tissot, Craig’s purchases are based purely off love and pa...

  • Rolex Buys Bucherer and Favorites from Geneva Watch Days and Only Watch

    Mike discusses the huge news of Rolex buying Bucherer along with why he thinks the move happened and what the effects on the market will be moving forward. He also highlights some of his favorite pieces that came out of Only Watch and Geneva Watch Days including the new Bulgari Octo Finissimo, Gr...

  • Vacheron Constantin Overseas or Historiques American 1921?

    Mike Manjos chooses what he would opt for when deciding between the Vacheron Constantin Overseas versus the Historiques American 1921.

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  • Watchmaking, Transparency, and the Swiss Made Watches of Zeitwinkel

    Albert Edelmann, co-founder of Zeitwinkel, joins Tim Mosso to discuss the brand's philosophies, practices, and most importantly, their watches. Albert discusses the brand's fumé dials, their views on "Swiss Made," approach to watchmaking and company transparency, and much more. Check out the watc...

  • Three Watch Collection Under $10,000?

    Armand discusses his favorite combination of watches to form a three piece collection for under $10,000, featuring the Tudor Black Bay Pro, Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control "Grande Taille", and Omega Speedmaster Racing.

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  • The Top 10 Watches For $10,000 - Affordable Independent Brand Watches

    The most recognizable independent luxury watch brands are ones that carry huge price tags. An F.P. Journe Chronometre Bleu - the entry-level watch - costs $39,800. At De Bethune, the entry-level DB27 costs a cool $40,000. In a world where Richard Mille and Greubel Forsey routinely charge as much ...

  • Incredible Independent Collection: Greubel Forsey, De Bethune, and Much More

    Rick Remiker ( on Instagram) has spent years building up his watch collection featuring watches from independent brands like De Bethune, Greubel Forsey, Kari Voutilainen, and much more. He joins Tim to discuss how he got into the scene through the F.P. Journe Centigraphe and worki...

  • Watch Market Predictions and What to Expect for the Rest of 2023

    Mike Manjos is back again to look forward into 2023 and highlight what to expect from the events, auctions, and market performance of the watch industry. He touches on watches from Tudor and Patek Philippe at Only Watch, the brands exhibiting at Geneva Watch Days, the strength of the market headi...

  • Should You Sell the Omega De Ville?

    The Omega De Ville has a unique spot in the company's lineup of watch models and Armand is here to give his thoughts on what should dictate if you decide to sell it or not.

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  • How To Build A Luxury Watch Collection - Advice, Humor, And Lessons I've Learned

    Collecting luxury watches is supposed to be fun. But challenges include money, security, knowledge, and access. Tim Mosso has owned all types of watches from Omega Seamaster dive watches to Jaeger LeCoultre perpetual calendars to vintage American pocket watches. Tonight, Tim offers watch buying a...

  • Collecting Casio to Greubel Forsey: Watches from Mainstream and Independents

    Shane Brockwell has a collecting style that has brought in models from Tudor to De Bethune, Rolex to Greubel Forsey, Kenneth Cole to H. Moser & Cie., and so much more. Tim Mosso and Shane sit down to discuss his design philosophies, advice to fellow collectors, and, of course, his watches. See hi...

  • Will Rolex Discontinue Motif Dials on the Datejust?

    Armand discusses the use and run of different motif dials that appear on Rolex Datejust models.

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  • Rating The Top 10 Omega Speedmaster Chronographs in Ten Years

    The Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch is the world's most famous chronograph watch. Rivaled only by Rolex's legendary Daytona, the Speedmaster Professional ranks among the few watches that members of the general public - not just watch col...

  • Seeking Perfect

    Denis Flageollet, who co-founded De Bethune twenty years ago, was first indoctrinated into the art of watchmaking at his father’s bench, and then went on to pursue, at De Bethune, a form of watchmaking like no other. His creations at De Bethune are often technical tours de force, but they are als...

  • From Collector to Creator: Audemars Piguet, Jaeger-Lecoultre, and MEC Watches

    Carlos Ramírez started MEC Watches with his partners Judd Wood and Eric Lau to re-invigorate American watchmaking with their vision of how a watch brand can and should be ran. Carlos’s love for watches started at a young age with pieces like his father’s Rolex Osyterquartz Datejust and a Baume & ...

  • Top 5 Under-the-Radar Patek Philippe References

    Patek Philippe is one of the most in-demand and popular watch brands in history, but that doesn't mean all of their references get the appreciation that they should. Mike Manjos is here to look at the market for Patek Philippe and discuss which watches he thinks deserve more attention. He covers ...