After Hours

After Hours

Did you ever wonder what happens on the WatchBox trading floor after the trading stops for the day? After Hours is when the WatchBox Client Advisors unwind and let their real opinions come out. Join us for a cocktail and revealing Watch talk on ... WatchBox After Hours

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After Hours
  • Popular Watches and Their Value Propositions (February 2020)

    What is a good value proposition for the Rolex Daytona 116519LN? How about the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar in White Ceramic, or the Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5167A-001? Find out our picks in this episode of WatchBox After Hours with Mike Manjos, Jon Callahan, Hans Singer, and Alex ...

  • Watches That Aren't "Cool" Anymore (and Why?)

    Brands and models have always battled it out for relevance since wristwatches were around. What makes a winning formula that results in fanfare, attention, and sales? Or, perhaps more interesting, what makes a losing one? From the Audemars Piguet Code 11.59 to the Chopard Mille Miglia Chronograph...

  • Smart Watches in the Watch Industry and the Next F.P. Journe

    Have smart watches affected the watch industry? Mike, Jason, Jon, and Alex talk about how smart watches have affected the watch industry, and who they believe will be the next biggest independent watch maker. Is it Laurent Ferrier? De Bethune?

  • How Trends in the Watch Industry Have Changed in the Past 25 Years

    Have you ever wondered what WatchBox is like behind the scenes? WatchBox After Hours is a round table series that displays the conversations on the Trading Floor after the day comes to a close.

    Episode 1 with Mike Manjos, Jason Mane, Jon Callahan, and Alex Lazurs is a conversation about how tre...